Removing Dead Exchange 2007 Server (Error 929, MSExchangeTransport)

Removing Dead Exchange 2007 Server (Error 929, MSExchangeTransport)

If your Windows server event log keeps showing the following error:

Event 929: Source: MSExchangeTransport; Failed in reading Connector’s DS Info Process Id: XXX Process location: XXX ConnectorDN: XXX


It means that you have a bad/ghost Exchange connector. This happens especially when an Exchange server dies without being properly demoted. In this case, Exchange System Manager (ESM) can’t be used to delete the dead server.

We can use ADSIEDIT.msc (Active Directory Service Interfaces Editor) to force the removal of this dead Exchange server.

MS Exchange ADSIedit.msc

Remove Dead MS Exchange ADSIedit.msc Error 929

Under Services, Microsoft Exchange, find the group that no longer exists in your organization, right-clic and delete it.
We can (well, we should) also delete the Active Directory object associated to the old server.
Now keep an eye on your server event logs to make sure that error 929 is no longer showing up.