Web Development Tips

XAMPP alternative?

After using XAMPP for many years, I stumbled over Laragon, and i never looked back again.


-Easy new Web app creation
-Automatic hosts management
-Sharing your local app over Internet thanks to NGROK tunnel
-Easy HTTPS setup
Download Laragon

PHP Malware Scan

AI-BOLIT is an easy PHP malware scanner.

To launch the scan:

From CMD:

php ai-bolit.php --report=E:\laragon\www\aibolit\ai-bolit\report.html -a

From Windows PowerShell:

php .\ai-bolit.php --report=E:\laragon\www\aibolit\ai-bolit\report.html -a

Download AI-BOLIT

Apache Web Server Folder password protection ( .htpasswd + .htaccess)

To implement folder password protection ( .htpasswd + .htaccess)

use  https://hostingcanada.org/htpasswd-generator/ to generate .htpasswd file, then add this code to .htaccess in the folder you want to protect

AuthName “Password Protected Area”

AuthType Basic

AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd

require valid-user