Skype HD Video – How To Force 720p Video Call On Any HD Webcam [HACK]

Skype HD Video – How To Force 720p Video Call On Any HD Webcam [HACK]

Skype HD Video Call Requirements

While making video calls, Skype takes into consideration many factors like Internet speed, RAM usage, CPU speed and webcam model to calculate the optimal video resolution. This is known as “auto-scaling”.
By default, Skype can automatically switch to HD video call (1280*720 a.k.a 720p) only on a limited number of certified HD webcam models. If you have a mainstream cheap HD webcam, even if your hardware and Internet speed support HD streaming, you need to force Skype to use higher resolutions in order to get HD Skype video call.

The bad news: you can not do that from the Skype video settings window.

The good news: Now you can force Skype HD Video using my tool to do that hack for you.

Force Skype HD Video Call

Force Skype HD Video Call (Scroll Down For the Download Link)

Download Skype Video Tuner

(For Windows, works on Skype 6+ )

Click here to go to the download link.

Using this tool you can force Skype to use higher resolutions and frame per seconds (fps) on your HD webcam. Don’t forget to close Skype before using this tool. Set the desired resolution and fps and open Skype again to check if you cant get Skype HD video calling to work. If something goes wrong you can use the reset button to disable the tweaked video settings. Depending on your HD webcam model, you may need some fine tuning before getting the best quality for your HD Skype video call.

Download this tool and start streaming Skype HD video right now!

How to check if Skype is using the desired resolution settings?

While your on a video all, click on Call => Call technical info and check the sent video resolution.

In the next article, I’ll talk about the technical mambo-jambo and the factors that can affect Skype video call quality. I’ll show you how to do this hack on MacOS and Linux too. Stay tuned!


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  2. Ronnie says:

    Super! Thanks for the hack. This will make it a lot easier to change the resolution without going through the shared.xml settings!

  3. Bogdan says:

    Dude, and how I can remove it ? beaucase my skype wont work now with this sh*t !:|

    • admin says:

      Well you may have set the wrong resolution settings for your webcam. Run the software again and press the “Reset” button and test Skype video call again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Thanks for the program. I sent mine to 720p and if I go to Skype -> Call – > Call Technical Info.

    It says Video Capture Res: 1280 x 720

    but my Video send steam is Res: 640×480

    My bandwidth is 75kbps upload and 80kbps download right now with a friend. Even though when I do an internet speed test on a website It says my download speed is around 13MBps and my upload is 660kbps. So whats up? Why is skype not Sending the 720p even though its recording it at 720p?

  5. Niklas says:

    IS there a way to force skype 6.5 to reduce the resolution with this tool?

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