HttpFox Firefox Addon – the HTTP Headers Monitor

HttpFox Firefox Addon – the HTTP Headers Monitor

HttpFox: The Firefox HTTP Headers Monitor Addon

HttpFox is a great Firefox addon that monitors the live HTTP traffic sent and received by the mozilla browser. If you are a Firefox Web developer you will certainly love it as it will give you an insight look on what and how your Firefox browser is communicating with the HTTP server software. It enables you to profile web server responses (HTTP response headers and response codes) and dig into the headers to check out cookies involved in the requests as well as POST parameters.

HttpFox can also inspect secure HTTP (HTTPS) queries which are not easily accessible in protocol analysis software.

HttpFox HTTP FOX Firefox HTTP Monitor Addon

HttpFox in action (visual analysis of live HTTP response headers captured and displayed by Httpfox the firefox http monitor plugin)

In addition to the features mentioned aforehand, HttpFox addon can also capture and reveal the following informations from live HTTP headers as well as HTTPS headers:

-Time and duration of the HTTP request

HTTP status codes (also called HTTP response codes)

-HTTP method (POST/GET)

-Duration of the HTTP request




-Caching information

The filter field can be used to search for a particular URL in the captured data.

Please note that HttpFox can’t be used for data tampering.

How to enable/start HttpFox

After installing the plugin and restarting Firefox, you will have a new blue icon in the right bottom of the window, click on it and then click “Start”. This will turn it on and you will get all the live HTTP headers that Firefox is sending/receiving from the Http server.


Thanks to HttpFox (and not HTTP Fox..), you will be able to see live HTTP Headers. Once started, Httpfox plugin will capture all HTTP headers sent and received by Firefox. It’s highly advisable to close any tabs that may interfere with the capture, Ajax powered websites like Gmail and Facebook are always polling server for data.

HttpFox for Firefox webdeveloper

If you are a Firefox WebDeveloper you can use HttpFox addon for many tasks:

-Check the speed and the latency of your website.

-Check for any 404 errors or redirects

-Inspect cookies

-Check web server response code

-Check caching information

-Check if your CDN or cookieless domain(s) is properly working.

Download HttpFox – Firefox HTTP Monitor Plugin




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