Google Pixel Battery Drain Problem

Google Pixel Battery Drain Problem

This post is about Google Pixel battery issue that I encountered few months ago. When I first bought the Pixel phone, I could use it for the whole day, and it was able to go up to 2 hours and half of screen-on time (SoT), and 22 hours of stand by time. After the latest updates, I noticed that I could no more get even close to these figures. The Google Pixel battery was draining like crazy, even while screen was switched off. I noticed this behavior first in the mornings, when I saw that the battery level was way lower than the charge level at night before sleeping.
When I checked the Google Pixel Phone help but I found nothing useful in the article Get the most life from your Pixel phone battery, as I have already the recommended settings such as “adaptive battery” and turning on “battery optimization”. So I was looking for solutions and fixes everywhere but could not find anything helpful. I tried removing old apps and cleaned Android system cache. I used Greenify to hibernate apps, but I found nothing suspicious. This was very irritating for me. Not only was I carrying my power bank with me everywhere, but I also was feeling deceived, given that I think that I bought a flagship phone.

I was short of ideas as to why this is happening. Meanwhile, the phone battery drains overnight like crazy. Accubattery gave nothing. You can check similar cases on this Reddit thread.

At this stage, I was almost sure that it was an android software update problem. The operating system was the ultimate culprit.

The Solution

You need to change preferred network mode from default LTE (4G) to 3G.

This is a quick fix, and not a permanent solution. I made a support request using my Pixel support menu, and I am still waiting for a reply.

Here is a screenshot of the charge levele after applying the fix

Google Pixel Battery Drain Problem

Google Pixel Battery Usage Chart, showing no drain while screen-off