How To Easily Find and Install Updated Drivers for Windows

One of the most tedious tasks following a fresh Windows install is to look for the right drivers. Nobody wants to end up with a bunch of exclamation marks in his device manager like this:

Windows Device Manager

Windows Device Manager

Thankfully, there is a tool called My-config that can make this task MUCH easier.

You just have to point your browser to My-config website, install the required plug-in and then do a hardware scan. Next step is to scan for the drivers.

Click on the green button that reads “Download drivers compatible with this configuration“. After few seconds you will be presented with a screen that lists your hardware and installed drivers and also the links to download new and updated ones (if any).

I have been using this nice free service for months and It works like a charm. The my-config website is available in both English and French and their plugin works on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

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